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The widest range of residence options in the area awaits you at Moravian Manor Communities.
From apartments and cottages to carriage homes and townhomes, homes in our two campuses
offer a variety of floor plans and all the accoutrements of contemporary living.

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Entrance Fee Plans

Moravian Manor Communities offers a Type C contract (also called a Fee-for-Service). For information on what is include in our contract, please visit our Financial Components page.

At Moravian Manor Communities, your Entrance Fee is based on the size of the residence, the financial option you choose, and when you make a deposit. The three available financial options include two refundable plans and one non-refundable plan. A Rental Plan is also available but applicable to apartments only.

Traditional Plan: Declines at 2% per month over 50 months. No refund after 50 months.

25% Refundable Plan: Declines at 1.5% per month over 50 months. After 50 months, guaranteed refund of 25% of original entrance fee.

50% Refundable Plan: Declines at 1% over 50 months. After 50 months, guaranteed refund of 50% of original entrance free.

Entrance Fee Pricing

 Traditional25% Refund50% RefundMonthly Fee
Manor Greene Apartments$129,500 – 173,250$155,400 – 207,900$181,300 – 242,550$1,218
Garden Court Apartments$149,000 – 245,000$178,800 – 294,000$208,600 – 343,000*$1,766 – 2,244
Moravian Avenue Cottages$219,500 – 229,500$263,400 – 275,400$307,300 – 321,300$1,385
Hendricks Place Townhomes$369,000$442,800$516,600$2,004
The Woods Apartments$179,500 – 298,000$215,400 – 357,600$251,300 – 417,200$1,383 – 2,152
Carriage Homes & Townhomes$315,000 – 460,000$378,000 – 552,000$441,00 – 644,000$1,811 – 2,484

Rental Plan Pricing

 Community FeeMonthly Rental Fee
Manor Greene Apartments$25,000$2,252 - 2,678
Garden Court Apartments$25,000*$3,015 - 4,305
The Woods Apartments$25,000 $3,208 - 5,212

*Additional monthly service fee of $435.00 for second occupant – applicable to Garden Court Apartments only

Prices effective 1/1/2021; Entrance Fees and Monthly fees are subject to change.

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