Our Stories – Residents

Upgrading Their Retirement Home

Having worked at Moravian Manor Communities in the sales office for five years and 18 additional years at two other senior living communities, Marcie and her husband made a move into The Woods on the Warwick Woodlands Campus.

“We love the intimate side of Moravian Manor Communities, and that the CEO takes a personal interest in everyone here. EGStoltzfus is a quality builder and we decided to ‘upgrade’ to a home with two bathrooms after raising two daughters in a 3-bedroom, 1-bath home! After our first two weeks here, we felt like we were on vacation and couldn’t believe this was our new home…we are so happy with our decision.”

~ Marcie & Augie

Reluctance to Relief

Reluctance to Relief

“It took us a long time to settle on a retirement community. I was one of those that was a little reluctant at first. Once we went through the transition, it was like a huge sigh of relief. And honestly, I haven’t talked to one person in terms of our neighbors and friends here that would say anything different.” Watch their video story.
~ Rich, Step and Pippa

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