Curlee Chavis, Dining Services

“Curlee truly exemplifies what it means to put others first and go the extra mile. One occasion specifically stands out when I had a customer with a severe fish allergy and had concerns about cross-contamination. When I shared this information with Curlee, he made sure the customer’s burger was cooked separately to avoid any contamination, and retrieved a clean spatula just for that customer. It’s this level of dedication and attention to detail that sets him apart.”

“Curlee is deserving of this award because of his unwavering, positive attitude. No matter the situation, he always maintains a kind and professional demeanor. If something goes wrong in the kitchen, Curlee’s response is always, “We can fix that, sorry about that!” This reassurance and willingness to take responsibility is truly admirable. He understands the importance of customer satisfaction and is willing to do whatever it takes to make things right.”

“Curlee’s ability to remain calm and composed during hectic lunch rushes is also commendable. He consistently checks-in with his colleagues to ensure that guests are happy and that everything is running smoothly. This shows his commitment to teamwork and his genuine concern for the overall guest experience. Curlee never panics and his positive energy is contagious, creating a harmonious work environment.”

~ Nominated by Joni Cromer, Dining Services

Thank you, Curlee, for being a part of the team and helping to make MMC a great place to live and work.   

About the Excellence in Customer Care Recognition Program:
Moravian Manor Communities takes pride in maintaining a strong set of standards and ethics, delivering superior services that make a difference in the daily lives of residents. Through the Excellence in Customer Care recognition program, MMC’s leadership and management team nominate and acknowledge the contributions made by team members who rise to challenges and go above and beyond the call of duty.