Pursue Life Here

Contemplating making a lifestyle change now or in the near future? Making a lifestyle change is an investment that requires thorough research, some soul searching, and carefully weighing your options.

Whether you’re ready now or looking for the future, this section of our website can help you learn more about making a move to Moravian Manor Communities.

Benefits of a Life Plan Community

A Plan for Today…and Tomorrow!

Moravian Manor Communities is a Life Plan Community (formerly called a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC) for adults age 58+ to enjoy maintenance-free, contemporary living with the added security of priority access to comprehensive, quality care when and if needed.

As a Life Plan Community, Moravian Manor Communities …

  • Offers more than one level of care, with residential living on the Warwick Woodlands Campus and both residential living and a full continuum of care from assisted living and personal care to memory care and skilled nursing and short-term rehab on the Founders Campus.
  • Focuses on overall wellness and a healthy, active lifestyle. 
  • Is integrated in the greater community of Lititz and Lancaster County. 

This all leads to added security, a plan for the future and a focus on you!

When it comes to making a lifestyle change, what’s important to you?

Just like when you purchased a car, home or sent your children off to school, you did your research. Take the time to ask yourself the tough questions and review your desires, goals, current health, finances and more on our Do Your Homework page.

What do you desire for your retirement lifestyle?

There are so many options available today for active, maintenance-free retirement living … from traditional real estate to renting and Life Plan Communities. 

To help you understand the benefits and risks of all the options available, we offer a free (printed or digital) e-book, “Reinventing Your Lifestyle: A Formula for Success” to help you start the research process. Planning ahead is imperative and helps safeguard that you won’t have to settle for less than you want…when the time is right!

Compare the Value

Is it really cheaper to stay in your home versus making a move to Moravian Manor Communities? Consider future costs in the next five to 10 years that are often part of maintaining a home. Download this handy comparison worksheet to look at the cost apples-to-apples.

We also have some topical blogs about aging in place under Planning for Retirement and a resident article, “Insights of Aging in Place vs Moving to a Life Plan Community.”

Understanding the Financial Components

When you move to Moravian Manor Communities, you pay a one-time entrance fee (your upfront investment) and then a monthly fee that covers the cost of maintenance and other services. Learn more about these two financial components, what’s included in the contract, and pricing for residential homes.

Meet Your Sales Team

We’d love to get to know you and help you evaluate and determine which retirement living option best suits your needs. Call us at 717-626-0214 to schedule a personal appointment or stop by the sales center at 544 W. 6th Street, Lititz.”

~ Nicole Michael, Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing (left) &
Kate Souder, Move-In Coordinator/Residency Counselor