Sharron and Hank – Life on the Liver Transplant List, Skilled Care Rehab

I am writing to share our recent experiences while my husband was a patient at Moravian Manor Communities. Hank was transferred to MMC from Penn Medicine in Philadelphia; he is currently on the liver transplant list. Life in the last two months have been nothing short of a hurricane, tornado or at minimal a whirlwind. His first liver offer call came January 27. Unfortunately, only to be not the right liver. Within the following four weeks, we received three additional calls of a liver offer. All to end with “not the right liver.”

While hospitalized at Penn Medicine, the social worker provided me with a list of skilled nursing rehabilitation centers near Lititz. Hank’s doctors at Penn had determined he would need further care upon discharge from Penn.

Having no knowledge personally regarding such facilities, I took the decision to God and asked for assistance with selecting the right facility for my husband. My prayers were quickly answered with the choice being Moravian Manor Communities. Our social worker quickly reached out to Marci Hoover in admissions. With a few conversations between them, the social worker notified us that MMC could accept Hank and that Marci was extremely knowledgeable and very accommodating. I found that to be the same in my encounters with her.

Upon arrival via EMS Transport from Penn, we were greeted by your receptionist staff (Kelly & Maryann) and very quickly Virginia Boyle appeared, took charge, facilitated Hank’s transfer into Moravian Manor Communities(efficiently and smoothly) while spending time with me calming my fears and assuring me Hank was in good hands, and more importantly excellent care. I immediately felt at ease.

Professionalism. Compassion, care, concern, warmth and friendly manners came at me from everyone. I knew I had selected the right place for Hank.

The nursing staff all went above and beyond in his care. The Therapy Dept eased him into the necessary movements to help him regain his strength (very important for transplant surgery). His personal care, medications, medical needs, nutrition, well-being all were addressed timely and always professionally. I was able to fall asleep in my bed with overall peace of mind.

So after briefly getting a little respite and knowing Hank was in good hands, we received another call for another liver offer. I quickly reached out to your staff as to what was happening and would someone go to Hank’s room, wake him and stay with him while we (Penn Transplant Coordinator) talked to him about the specifics of this offer (offer #4). All A-OK there. Our coordinator at Penn said let’s get you here. Moravian Manor staff kicked into super high gear beyond our expectations. Virginia Boyle on the case, nursing staff Joy and Tiffany taking full charge of being with Hank non-stop, getting him awake, dressed and ready. All the while most of the world was sleeping. Hank and I were beyond grateful for the prayers showered over him during this time. I arrived at Moravian Manor to be greeted by Gary in security, who took my luggage and escorted me into the lobby. Tiffany brough Hank down and we awaited transport.

Parting MMC with EMS transport we were again prayed over from your folks. This was so comforting. Unfortunately, after arriving at Penn and all pre-surgical testing completed, we got the call that the liver was not the right liver. Emotional roller coaster drop #4.

Hank returned to MMC and surrounded by caring, compassionate, warm, friendly staff welcoming him back. They spent time with him to let him express his feelings of yet another disappointment of yet another liver offer fallen through. I cannot tell you how much this helped his emotional state of mind. Everyone went far above and beyond basic care to ease him back in routine. He finished the week with your center through good nursing care, wonderful accommodations, excellent PT, social work intervention, nutrition and even housekeeping – he comments often of such a terrific group of folds.

So now he is home, thanks to a thorough group assessment. I picked him up with the numerous offers of “post-transplant” if he needs further care…MMC welcomes him back.

I need you to know the exceedingly superb care and attention bestowed upon us in Hank’s care. I am most assured that God led me to decide up Moravian Manor for his care. Jesus touched us more than once during his stay. The folks at Penn Medicine are also impressed. Having two lengthy phone calls with Dr. Howse was also informative, comforting, reassuring and welcomed…the perfect physician to enhance your care.”

With heartfelt gratitude, blessings and grace,

~ Sharron and Hank

John and Georgine – Health Center Rehabilitation & Warwick Woodlands Campus Move

John became a resident in the Health Center Rehabilitation neighborhood after a stroke, and Georgine moved into a Warwick Woodlands carriage home a year later.

“In getting to know us through John’s recovery and hearing our stories, the staff at Moravian Manor Communities learned that we love to dance. When we would go to our place in Pensacola Beach, we would take drives on the beach road. And there’s a song that we love by Ed Sheeran and we would put that on the car radio and John would pull off on the side of the beach road and we’d get out, turn up the song real loud and dance to it.

During his recovery, after a period of time, John started to walk. And it was a really slow process, and everybody was very supportive. He would only get from his room to just a couple of rooms away, from point A to point B, and he’d stop and want to sit down. It was like he couldn’t progress past that point. So, two nurses were waiting in John’s room one day when he was done walking, and said, ‘We have a proposition for you. The very first time you walk from point A to point B and then walk back to point A, we’re going to come in on our day off and we’re going to arrange to take you and your wife for dinner.’ We had not been out since John took the stroke.

So, the very next day John walks from point A to point B and back to point A, the very next day! So that Thursday they called in the morning and said today is the day, bring in a sport coat and tie for John. We’re going to get him dressed up and you don’t come in until the end of the day until it’s time for us to go.  My daughter called in the afternoon and said, ‘Has Moravian Manor gotten in touch with you? Daddy’s pants don’t fit.’ I thought oh well, must not have be that big a problem or they would have gotten in touch with me. When I came over to the lobby, they were taking pictures of me pulling up in the car, seeing John all dressed-up in his sport coat and tie and gray pants. The nurses were down there and the aides too. I said, ‘Where did he get those pants?’ They told me Dr. Lynn Swisher (VP of Health Services) had gone out and shopped for him for pants so that he would have pants that fit him for the evening. We had a wonderful meal at the restaurant, and even Dr. Swisher came over to the General Sutter to make sure that we were okay, that everything was good. Where else would you find that?!

After dinner, back outside John’s room at the lounge area, a table was set up with a white table cloth, flowers (compliments of Dr. Swisher), two Champaign glasses and a bottle of sparking cider. Everyone was standing around waiting for us to get back. They had programed the song we love to dance to on the phone. Two of the aides had contacted our children, and they were there too so they could video us. Three of the nurses held John up with a gait belt and let us dance to our song. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, it was wonderful. That is when I really realized that Moravian Manor Communities is not just a graduated care nursing rehab facility, it’s family. It is a family, and they care.”

~ John and Georgine Mikita

TJ – Baer Center for Assisted Living

The Very Best Care Possible

When TJ Bevers ended up in the hospital, his adult children sought out a home where he could receive needed care. His son decided upon Moravian Manor Communities in The Baer Center for Assisted Living. “They took very good care of me, and they have very good therapy,” TJ stated.

“We were just so pleased,” said his daughter Joann. “They keep me very well informed, when they are changing his medications and for other things. It’s the best care possible, and he’s so very fortunate. Even my sister-in-law is always saying she’s going to sell the house and move in here,” Joann proclaimed.

“I know all the staff,” TJ teased. “He flirts,” his daughter chimed in with a laugh and a smile. TJ continued, “They treat me good and I treat them good…I do them favors and odds and ends. Even David, the “boss” knows me and calls me an asset. I felt pretty big hearing that and David even bought me coffee one time. They take care of everything.”