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Thanks to the generosity of our faithful donors and strong financial management,
we have a long and cherished promise of providing benevolent care to seniors who need our help.

Tribute Gifts

Memorial and Honor Gifts to Moravian Manor Communities provide an opportunity for donors to express their sympathy, love, honor or appreciation for a friend, family member or loved one. As a meaningful expression of generosity, these gifts celebrate the life of someone you cherish, while giving to the ministry of Moravian Manor Communities.

Memorial Gifts are a thoughtful way to recognize the memory of a special person. Many families name Moravian Manor Communities as a recipient of memorial gifts, in lieu of flowers, upon the death of a loved one. Download a Memorial Gift form

Honor Gifts represent a heartfelt way to recognize someone for a special occasion or just to show you care. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays are wonderful opportunities to recognize someone special. Download an Honorarium Gift form

When you make a tribute gift, Moravian Manor Communities will send an acknowledgement to the honoree or family member of the person being remembered. There is no mention of the amount given and you will receive an acknowledgement of your gift for tax purposes.

Recent Memorial & Honor Gifts

We gratefully acknowledge our donors who have contributed through our Honor Gifts and Memorial Gifts. 

In Memory of:

Mrs. Mildred W. Andes

Ms. Lee Andes Sota

Mrs. C. Jane Biemesderfer

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Duthie

Miss Charlotte L. Biris

Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Witwer, Sr.

Mr. Bruce Earhart

Mrs. Dorothy V. Earhart

Mrs. Audrey E. Hannum

Mrs. Harriet Zook

Mrs. Doris A. Henly

Mr. and Mrs. H. Richard Henly, Jr.

Dr. Harry R. Henly

Mr. and Mrs. H. Richard Henly, Jr.

Mr. Alan W. Hurlbut

Ms. Susan Blessing

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Bodwell

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Brainard

Mr. David M. Byler and Ms. Kathleen Schmick

Ms. Irene Camp

Mr. Bruce C. Hirte

Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Offermann

Dr. John C. Weidman and Dr. Carla S. Weidman

Mrs. Josephine Jacobs

Ms. Julene Bechtel

Mrs. Janet B. Kisor

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Carroccio

Mr. Ted W. Kisor

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Carroccio

Mrs. Joan B. Martin

Mrs. Helen L. Becker

Mr. and Mrs. R. William Spacht

Our Parents

Mr. and Mrs. C. Gordon Ober

Mrs. Margaret Reynold

Mrs. Susan Gleason

Mrs. Grace Royalty

Mrs. Andrea Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Royalty

Mrs. Andrea Johnson

Mrs. Loretta M. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Webster

Mrs. Lorraine H. Spohr

Mrs. Kathleen Balestier

Dr. and Mrs. David P. Birch

Coteire Club of Lancaster Pennsylvania

Mr. Lee Hawthorne

Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Offermann

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Shaub

Mrs. Marian E. Spalding

Ms. Janet Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Witwer, Sr.

Mr. Henry S. Starr

Ms. Shirley Starr

Mrs. Margaret Starr

Ms. Shirley Starr



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