In celebration of National Golf Month, where golfers are encouraged to share their experience and bring new golfers to the greens, we’re highlighting our 18-hole golf group today.

If it’s a Tuesday in-season and the weather is remotely nice, chances are the golf group from Moravian Manor Communities is out playing 18 holes at a local course.

Resident Dale Matt is one of three original group members, along with Tom Bender and Larry Lawrence, who started golfing together eight years ago. Today, the group has 20 players and Dale coordinates their tee time at different courses throughout the season.

“Last year, we played at 27 different courses mostly within a one-hour driving time from Lititz,” commented Dale. “Obviously, we got started later this year due to the quarantine. Some of our members are residents, others are on the waiting list to move to our community. Mary Ellen Kopetz is currently our only female member of the group, and we welcome others to come join us!”

Dale continued, “When I set up the tee times, I generally reserve three times. Normally, we have a core group of twelve players. I know several of our group who play multiple days during the week too.”

Members of the golf group also have played some local tournaments, including the Lititz recCenter Tournament as well as the one for Warwick Educational Foundation. Last year, Mike Wolfe, Moravian Manor Communities’ Director of Information Technology, played with them. “Golf has been a hobby of mine for about 20 years now,” said Mike. “I believe the sport is one of only a few that allows you to spend hours of a day with someone, say little, and yet learn so much about them. In our busy world, there are few opportunities to spend time with someone, sharing quiet moments and small victories. I will always believe that walking or riding in a cart alongside someone is a bonding experience. As an employee of Moravian Manor Communities, I have great care and respect for the residents. I was honored to have the opportunity to spend more time with our resident golfers and get to know them better. Hopefully, we will be hitting the links again soon!”

“Generally, we are out to have fun each week,” Dale said with a chuckle. “The skill level varies among the group. Unfortunately, for some of us, our golf has not improved. But I believe that all who have played with us have had a good time and enjoyed the day, sometimes in spite of the golf! While, I’m not sure we have a favorite course, we probably have favorite holes at the local public golf courses around Lancaster, York, Chester, Dauphin, Berks and Lebanon Counties. I know Tom and most of us enjoy the second hole at Galen Hall, the drop hole as well as the first hole at Sunset Golf Course, which is on the main approach to Middletown airport. Also, the first hole at Iron Valley, which has an unbelievable view of Lebanon County, the par five at Crossgates along the Conestoga river, and the drop hole at Cool Creek. We’ve also have been able to play at a number of the private courses, thanks to some of our members who are still members of the private courses.”

If you’re interested in joining the group, reach out to Dale or check the weekly Community Life Notes to see where they’re playing next. The group is open to all residents and wait list members of Moravian Manor Communities…see you on the course!