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Pursuing Their Talents

The woodshop at Moravian Manor Communities is a favorite spot for our resident craftsmen, retired from a wide range of careers. Over the years, they have created some pretty amazing things, some of which can be seen around campus including a communion table, wooden cross in the chapel, and landscaping structures. Here, they enjoy not only creating beautiful pieces of work, but also building friendships as well. They carry on the memory of Don Jones, who established the woodshop with several pieces of equipment he brought with him when he moved to Moravian Manor Communities.

Just recently, the woodshop moved from the Founders Campus to its new home on the Warwick Woodlands campus our Operations Center.

Step into the shop with this video and “join” Dale, Tom, and Mark as they discuss their favorite pastime and how being creative is one of the most exciting and rewarding thing a person can do.

After your peek into the woodshop, read about how Mark decided Moravian Manor Communities was the right place to support his retirement lifestyle.


  • Hans schavemaker
    - May 22, 2020

    Is it open to public or strictly for Moravian Manor residents.

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