Advanced Technology

Moravian Manor Communities utilizes innovative technology to improve the care experience for residents and family members, as well as team members. Technological systems not only contribute to important checkpoints leading to improved wellness and safety, but are offering more responsive care and improved quality of life for residents.

Real Time Solutions Analytics Software

Real Time Solutions Analytics Software improves clinical performance by reducing avoidable hospital readmissions, managing care coordination efforts, and detecting early warning signs of infectious disease. This tool helped us achieve a re-admit rate of less than half the state and national average in 2019, according to CMS data records.

  • Daily tracking of resident key metrics (short-term acute stay and long-term stay)
  • Alerts team when a resident’s metrics fall outside the expected norms to be evaluated and addressed:
      • Daily fluid intake averaged over a three-day period (daily reports for all residents)
      • Significant changes in performance of ADLs (daily reports for all residents)
      • Vital signs that fall outside desired norms (abnormal are flagged when vital signs are taken for any reason)
      • Clinically significant weight gains or losses, among others (abnormal are flagged when data collected for any reason)

Pennsylvania Health Information Exchange Participan

As a participant in this information exchange, we can electronically share data between participating health care providers and our community, reducing the risk of errors inherent in the manual transcribing processes.

Health Information Exchange - Carequality

Carequality software enables us to import directly into our electronic health record hospital discharge medication lists, allergy lists, diagnoses, and other records at the time of admission—allowing a smoother transition from the hospital to nursing home while reducing risks of error and omissions.