Jon Yoder and Yvonne Blough, Nursing

“I decided to nominate Jon and Yvonne as a team! Both of these aides work hard and never complain. They are so incredibly pleasant to work with…so much so that residents ask for them by name. I appreciate their hard work and dedication and the spirit in which they do it. 

The Health Center 3-11 CNA team is out of this world! We are lucky to have you. “

 ~ Kim Kolp, Director of Nursing


About the Excellence in Customer Care Recognition Program:
Moravian Manor Communities takes pride in maintaining a strong set of standards and ethics, delivering superior services that make a difference in the daily lives of residents. Through the Excellence in Customer Care recognition program, MMC’s leadership and management team nominate and acknowledge the contributions made by team members who rise to challenges and go above and beyond the call of duty.