Moravian Manor Communities (MMC) is pleased to announce the well-deserved promotion of Cynthia “Cindy” Meier to the role of Executive Director. With her exceptional leadership skills and extensive experience in senior living, Cindy will undoubtedly bring a fresh perspective to the organization as she takes on this new and exciting challenge.

As a leading woman in business and a rising star within the retirement living sector, Cindy has consistently demonstrated her commitment to excellence and innovative thinking throughout her tenure at MMC. Having joined the organization in 1997 as Staff Accountant, she quickly garnered a reputation for her exceptional work ethic, strategic vision, and ability to build strong relationships with both residents and staff.

During her time at MMC, Cindy has played an integral role in implementing numerous successful initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of care and service offerings. She has worked diligently to ensure that the organization remains at the forefront of the rapidly evolving senior living industry, consistently striving to exceed expectations and provide an exceptional experience for all who call Moravian Manor Communities home.

With her promotion to Executive Director, Cindy will now have the opportunity to further shape the future of MMC and continue to lead the organization towards new heights of success. Her passion for improving the lives of seniors, combined with her exceptional business acumen, make her the ideal candidate for this prestigious role.

“We are thrilled to announce Cindy’s promotion to Executive Director,” said David Swartley, President/CEO of Moravian Manor Communities. “Her leadership qualities, depth of industry knowledge, and compassionate approach to senior care make her the perfect fit for this position. We have complete confidence in her ability to further enhance the exceptional care and programs that MMC offers.”

As Executive Director, Cindy will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of MMC’s operations, including strategic planning, financial management, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality care and services. With her proven track record of success and her unwavering dedication to the well-being of residents, she is poised to excel in this new role.

Moravian Manor Communities congratulates Cindy on this well-deserved promotion and looks forward to a bright and prosperous future under her guidance. 

Unitas Communities is the new parent company for the affiliation between Moravian Manor Communities and Morningstar Living. The company will serve as the umbrella under which shared services and any future endeavors would be developed. At this time, Unitas will hold no assets or liabilities, but simply serve as the legal structure for sharing resources in order to produce economic benefits for both organizations. 

The name Unitas Communities was  proudly derived from the emphasis placed by the Moravian Church on living its motto: “In essentials, unity, in non-essentials liberty, and in all things love.” The word “Unitas” is a Latin word meaning “the state of being one or undivided.”  Unitas holds special meaning in the Moravian faith tradition, as the Unitas Fratrum is the title of the Moravian Worldwide Church.